The Urban Farmhouse

Hannah. Australian. City Kid my geographic location, country kid at heart

To me, a farmhouse is a place of safety. It’s where people come and automatically feel at home. It’s shared meals, full bellies, wholesome food and a dining room table that can always fit ‘just one more person’. It’s the sound of rain on the tin roof, copious cups of tea and a constant chatter. It’s late night card games on the verandah and shared beers on the front steps. It’s pristine sunrises and a hard-earnt sunset after a dusty day in the yards. It’s home – but not merely for its physical setting, but what and who it holds within its four walls. 

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Gourmet Toastie

When I first thought about writing this, I thought ‘who the heck needs instructions to make a toastie?’. But then, after making the same Toasted Sandwich for dinner for the 3rd night in a row I thought ‘EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT THIS COMBO’. So here we are, part of me feels like a goose …

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My 2021 Intention

I want to share with you my 2021 intention. Yes, I hear you, you’re all thinking ‘why is this girl only sharing this at the end of January?’. Well, I wanted to try it on for size first, make sure it fit, triple check I didn’t want a refund, you feel me? (2020, I’m looking …

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