Of course the burdens of your dreams are heavy…

I’m a dreamer. There’s no doubt about it. I have small dreams (like have an epic veggie patch) and dreams that are so large, that I sometimes wonder how I conjured them up. As well as being a dreamer, I have an air of almighty confidence. I whole-heartedly believe I can achieve my dreams. That’s not me being cocky or full of myself, I just know that with hard work and the right attitude, I can reap fruit for the seeds I sow. 

I’ll be honest, I don’t know how I’m going to achieve half the things I want to, but I know that if I keep chipping away, one day I will. Or I won’t – and that’s ok. The big dreams of my heart that I have right now might change. I might shift focus and I might not achieve those things, but that won’t be a failure, that just signals that my motivations have changed. 

I feel the weight of these big dreams frequently. It’s not the weight of anyone else’s expectations, nor my critical self, speaking doubt, it’s more that I understand, should I achieve these things, the impact they will have. 

I feel the weight of these big dreams because I know I can achieve them. I feel the weight because these dreams aren’t just one ‘big dream’ they are hundreds of small dreams woven together. When I finally get to stand on the mountain of these big dreams and victoriously say ‘I did it’, I won’t just be standing at the pinnacle of just one dream, I’ll be standing on the foundations of countless ‘small dreams’ that got me to where I am. 

Do you ever feel like this? Do you ever feel the burden of your dreams? Whether they are big or small, whether they will impact thousands or just a few, can you feel the weight of them? 

While this weight may feel like it’s suffocating you, it’s not. Don’t see this weight as a negative thing and don’t let this weight drag you down. Use it as motivation. Use it as fuel when your fire is burning low and use it as an assurance that you are so incredibly capable. Of course the burdens of our dreams are heavy – that’s how you know they matter. Carry your dreams with you. Let your heart dictate your motivation. Plant seeds filled with your passion and may you always know that you are so capable of achieving your wildest dreams, simply because you are who you are… 

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