Dear Mum

Dear Mum, 

I think I always took our stationery stash at home for granted. Luckily, I’m writing this at the kitchen table after free-loading off you (again) and eating your food for brekky (again). If I tried to write this while at the apartment in Brisbane, I wouldn’t be able to find a fully functioning pen, let alone any paper. 

It’s not until we become older that we realise how great our mums are, the sacrifices they’ve made and how they really are the glue that holds us all together. It’s also only been recently that I’ve realised just how many values and morals you’ve instilled in me, that I’m so grateful to possess. My work ethic, my generosity and servitude and my unwavering belief that I can achieve my dreams are all because you practice what you preach and you’ve encouraged me to do the same. 

While you’ve got plenty of redeemable qualities, these are your top 10 greatest hits: 

  1. Writing lists (like mother like daughter)
  2. Lamb stew and dumplings 
  3. Golden syrup dumplings 
  4. Feeding the masses (particularly with #3)
  5. Always making room for ‘just one more’. 
  6. Proofreading and answering all my grammar questions
  7. Telling us the same story 7 times in 24 hours 
  8. Always ordering a second coffee at breakfast 
  9. Expertly stepping over the junk we leave in the middle of the kitchen when we’re not sure where else to put it. 
  10. Believing and enforcing that we eat one ice cream every day while on holiday. 

I’m biased and I don’t have another mum to compare you to but I turned out ok and so I think you’re pretty great. 

Thank you for all the hours you spent at netball, for calming a crying me through the phone and always encouraging me to follow my heart (even if my constant moving and job changing makes the planner and rows and columns gal you are nervous). 

All that I am, I owe to you. 

Love Hannah xx

P.S Sorry I’m not giving you grandchildren any time soon – I’ve gotta change the world first. 

P.P.S If you take too long to read this book and it sits on your bedside table with all the other books you intend to read but never do, I will steal it. 

P.P.P.S As the eldest child, I am chief account manager for Mother’s Day. There is meant to be a bunch of flowers accompanying this book and letter, Meredith literally has one job. 

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