Melting Moments with Earl Ray Buttercream

Prep Time: 25 minutes (+ 30 minutes refrigeration time)Cooking Time: 15 minutesYield: 13 biscuits Ingredients: Biscuits:- 250g butter, softened- 1/2 cup icing sugar mixture - 1/3 cup custard powder - 1/3 cup cornflour- 1.5 cups plain flour Buttercream: - 2 earl grey teabags (I use T2 French Early Grey)- 1/2 cup boiling water - 90g …

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An Open Letter to all the nervous parents about to send their children back to boarding school.

As stationery shops begin to get crowded and school shoes are being polished, in geographically isolated areas across the nation, there's a different type of preparation happening. Bags are being packed (and certain items being vetoed by parents), much-loved pets are being hugged goodbye and families everywhere are staring down the barrel of endless hours …

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Hannah’s Guide to the Best Coffee Shops in Rural Queensland

I’ll admit it. I’m a coffee snob. I’m also a firm believer that roadtrips and good coffee goes hand in hand. I was having a conversation with a parent of a boarder a little while ago who lives out of Longreach. We were chatting as I had recently gone through that area. I said, ‘Oh …

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Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Sisco Designs and Paige Corke Photography  Location: Warwick, QLD Website: https://www.siscodesigns.shop Paige and I lived on the same road when we were both working as Governesses in 2019 (we lived about 150kms apart, but you know – it was on the same road, we were practically neighbours!). Through Sisco designs you can purchase some of her …

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Bridging the Rural-Urban Education Divide in Boarding Schools

There are numerous reasons why rural and remote families choose to send their children to boarding school. A better-quality education, greater social interaction, increased sporting opportunities, or simply – because of their geographic isolation, they have no other choice.   While rural education does not necessarily equate to a second-rate education in terms of quality; lack …

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3 Pieces of Advice when Parenting from a Distance

Pack extra undies, don’t give them too much pocket money, put parental locks on their phones… the advice for parents sending their children away to boarding school goes on and on. While some may be incredibly helpful, others (irrespective of how well intentioned) add to the lump at the pit of your stomach.  Each child’s …

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Sweet Potato Pizza Bases

Ingredients:  2 cups Sweet potato cubed. 1 Egg ½ cup almond meal ¼ cup flour 1 tbl olive oil1 tsp apple cider vinegar 1tsp Italian herbs Pinch of salt  Method:  Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius Boil sweet potato in a pot of water over medium heat until soft (about 15 minutes). Drain and allow to cool completely.Place all ingredients in a …

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It’s not just a house, it’s a home.

My parents and younger sister live a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, red-roofed suburban house in a small cul-de-sac. My parents bought it in 1999 and it’s the only childhood home I’ve ever known. While I ‘officially’ moved out 3 years ago when I moved to Brisbane to start full time work, given my transient lifestyle (and my …

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The Rural-Urban Education Divide

One tenth of the Australian population live in a township of less than 10,000 people (ABS, 2018). These townships are categorised as ‘small towns’. Small towns are the lynchpins of Australia’s heartland and regional Australia is responsible for 67% of our export earnings (Regional Universities Network, 2020).  Living in a rural areas comes with many …

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Of course the burdens of your dreams are heavy…

I’m a dreamer. There’s no doubt about it. I have small dreams (like have an epic veggie patch) and dreams that are so large, that I sometimes wonder how I conjured them up. As well as being a dreamer, I have an air of almighty confidence. I whole-heartedly believe I can achieve my dreams. That’s …

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Do not despise these small beginnings

Ever wondered how you ended up here? How a compilation of choices resulted in you being exactly where you are?   Let me take you on a little journey… One where a split-second decision resulted in the most wonderful adventure and changed the course of my life.   In mid-2017 my best friend snapped her ACL while …

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Every Family Needs A Farmer

A nuance to my childhood was political bumper stickers. The back of my grandfather’s vehicles adorned bumper stickers that targeted social issues in the most subtle of ways. These bumper stickers were also, always, advocating for farmers. From the spray truck that never left the property, to the ‘town’ car my grandparents drove around the …

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Lessons from The West (Part 2)

In my previous blog post (which you can find here) I began discussing the Lessons of The West. All the things that I learnt while living and working on a cattle station in Western Queensland. Today, I continue on with my lessons learnt.  https://vimeo.com/390211054 Living on the land you are exposed to the elements; dust, wind, snakes …

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The Beginning: The Urban Farmhouse

Hi, I’m Hannah!  I’m a city kid by geographic location but a country kid at heart. I grew up holidaying in western Queensland (Australia) and gallivanting around my family’s dairy turned cattle farm in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Red dust runs deep in my veins and despite growing up in suburbia, it’s at my maternal …

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