The Rural-Urban Education Divide

One tenth of the Australian population live in a township of less than 10,000 people (ABS, 2018). These townships are categorised as ‘small towns’. Small towns are the lynchpins of Australia’s heartland and regional Australia is responsible for 67% of our export earnings (Regional Universities Network, 2020).  Living in a rural areas comes with many …

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Every Family Needs A Farmer

A nuance to my childhood was political bumper stickers. The back of my grandfather’s vehicles adorned bumper stickers that targeted social issues in the most subtle of ways. These bumper stickers were also, always, advocating for farmers. From the spray truck that never left the property, to the ‘town’ car my grandparents drove around the …

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The Beginning: The Urban Farmhouse

Hi, I’m Hannah!  I’m a city kid by geographic location but a country kid at heart. I grew up holidaying in western Queensland (Australia) and gallivanting around my family’s dairy turned cattle farm in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Red dust runs deep in my veins and despite growing up in suburbia, it’s at my maternal …

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